Dairy free and super refreshing!

Sobettos (Dairy FRee) are available in the following flavours in a retail 500ml pack size:

Lemon Rocket – 

Our “Rocket” is not a famous hockey player but a friend that tends to go out fast and strong but then is in bed by nine.  Our lemon sorbetto will blast your initial senses and then fade smoothly away to a relaxing place.  Just like the Rocket!

Mango Tango – 

Our daughter Lucy picked this name as mango is her favourite! From the earliest age she has had a love affair with all things mango, especially covering herself from head to foot in mango nectar as she eats a whole one from start to finish.  We don’t recommend you try that at home but… just enjoy the sorbet.

Passionberry – 

We are passionate about making gelato and sorbet so it was only natural that we came up with a passionate flavour.  Taking passionfruit and mixing it with a  medley of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries should get your passion going too.

Raspberry –

When talking raspberry sorbet we can’t help but think of “Raspberry Beret” by Prince.  A little bit soul and a little bit funk are the words that come to mine with this fresh raspberry taste.  And we think you’ll agree this is the stuff you “won’t find in a second hand store”.

Strawberry Guava –

We experimented with a bunch of strawberry combinations until we found the perfect mix with guava and really it should have been easy. We all want a little taste of the tropics in our lives, even a strawberry. And once experiencing such a tropical paradise you will always find yourself reaching for more. 

Mojito – 

What do you get when you mix fresh lime and fresh mint? Extreme flavour. We apologize for leaving out the rum but we think once you try this sensory overload all will be forgotten.