Our Flavours

Dense, smooth and intense in taste!


Gelato Flavours 

​The two main differences between ice cream and gelato are the ingredients and the density. Ice cream’s main ingredient is cream while gelato’s is milk, making gelato healthier with lower fat content. Ice cream is fluffy and airy while gelato is dense, smooth and intense.​

Gelato is available in the following flavours in a retail 500ml pack size:


We use Dark Chocolate for all of our chocolate-based flavours and those of you who like chocolate a lot, will know why.  Rich and velvety as it melts down your mouth and healthy too. High in anti-oxidants and good for your heart you may want to think about having an extra scoop.

Chocolate Hazelnut Kiss 

Combining the deep darkness of chocolate with the subtle yet succulent flavour of hazelnut.  The key to any great make out session is for one party to not overpower the other yet to still be an active player. Our kiss fits the bill and we think it will leave everyone completely satisfied!

Double Chocolate Mint 

A modern twist on an old classic.  Dark chocolate gelato with dark chocolate chunks and a hint of mint.  Sounds dangerous doesn’t it?  It is.  Once open it has a hard time making it’s way back to the freezer.

Two Tony’s Espresso

My husband Tony and his good friend Tony really like coffee. They like to make it, they like to drink it and now they like to eat it!  After an extensive taste tour they have chosen Pemberton Valley Coffee espresso as the official crema source for our espresso gelato.  Italians don’t like mixing coffee and milk after lunch but we think you’ll enjoy this espresso anytime.

Vanilla KO

On our first visits to Italy we traveled with another good friend, KO.  At every gelato shop she would simply order vanilla. More than anyone we know KO knows what she likes and we think you’ll agree that she does have good taste.

Blueberry Lemon

Remember that nasty, gum chewing girl, Violet Beauregarde, who didn’t listen to or obey Mr. Wonka and ended up as a giant blueberry who was a little bit sour (kids these days)! She’s the inspiration behind this beautifully coloured goodness that has a bit of a bite!

Pistachio Ernesto 

Named after the world famous, Whistler-based yoga guru Ernesto, our pistachio is perhaps the perfect balance of new age, sophisticated coolness that’s also a little nutty. Think that’s a stretch? Perhaps…but it is a good way to work on your Buddha belly! Namaste!

Salted Caramel

Sometimes things that are hip or trendy transcend to the mainstream without losing that certain something. David Bowie did it. And now so has our Salted Caramel gelato! This smooth operator with it’s sweet and salty overtones started out as our response to a trend. Now it’s our #1 flavour! So if you are at your local grocery store looking at the gelato “space” and you think it’s an “oddity” that none is left don’t be surprised. We can’t actually make it fast enough. But once you get your hands on it we’re pretty sure that, like Major Tom, you’ll be a junkie too! 

White Chocolate Lavender

Do you remember the movie “It’s Complicated,” where Meryl Streep makes lavender ice cream and has all the men in her life swooning? We don’t think there’s anything complicated about that, especially when you mix in a little white chocolate to sweeten things up even more. We love movies about food. From the magic of “Like Water For Chocolate,” to the sinfulness of “Chocolat,” to the hilariousness of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”….wait a minute we’re getting off topic here. Let’s just say we think you should go home tonight, download a great movie about food and then download a whole tub of this while you watch it. Sounds simple not complicated! 

Banana Caramel Fudge 

We like “monkeying” around with
flavours so it was only natural that we had to “Go Bananas”sooner or later. Our mix of banana gelato, caramel swirl and
Chef Kenton’s dark chocolate ganache will punch your senses hard “King Kong” style with a “right turn Clyde!”


Chocolate Caramel Sea salt 

How do we make our #1 flavour better? Easy, just add chocolate! But not just any chocolate: deep, dangerous, dark chocolate.  Sweet and salty never tasted so good!

The Great Pumpkin Pie 

Linus still believes in the Great Pumpkin and so do we, despite what CBC’s “The Debaters” argue. Combining all the good cheer of the holidays (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves) with a thankful harvest of sweet pumpkin puree, our Great Pumpkin is the real deal. And Charlie Brown agrees this “treat” is no “trick”!

Cookie Dough Fudge Swirl

Who would have thought frozen “uncooked” cookie dough would be so delicious! Helps for sure when it is swirled with dark fudge.  Cookie Dough Fudge Swirl: our way of getting on the “raw food” bandwagon!



Made with alternative milks but following our classic formula, our dairy-free gelatos are dense, smooth, intense and packed with flavour.

Dairy free Gelatos are available in the following flavours in a retail 500ml pack size:

Coconut Cookies n’ Cream – 

A lot of people have been asking for Cookies N Cream, one of our most popular market flavours, to be in the 500ml lineup. And a lot of people have been asking for a dairy free gelato. We decided why not make all those people happy at once. Made with coconut milk instead of whole milk, we are pleased to offer our first dairy free gelato. Look for the Lucia “Green Label” for our full dairy free lineup.

Coffee Toffee – 

Sometimes a “dairy free” alternative leaves a little to be desired and sometimes it DOESN’T!  This oat milk based gelato DOESN’T make you wonder what’s missing. It makes you wonder how it went missing so fast! (hint: coffee and toffee help)

Chocolate Macaroon – 

For years we have made Chocolate Macaroon gelato. And for years we were never totally satisfied with the results. It was kind of like the “Cowbell’ skit on Saturday Night Live. We needed more cowbell, I mean coconut.  When we started making dairy free gelato it only made sense to make Chocolate Macaroon with coconut milk. And like Christopher Walken said, “you can never have too much cowbell”!  I mean coconut!      



Sorbettos are water-based using fresh fruit purees to create intense flavours. They are dairy-free and super refreshing.

Sorbettos (Dairy free) are available in the following flavours in a retail 500ml pack size:

Lemon Rocket – 

Our “Rocket” is not a famous hockey player but a friend that tends to go out fast and strong but then is in bed by nine.  Our lemon sorbetto will blast your initial senses and then fade smoothly away to a relaxing place.  Just like the Rocket!

Mango Tango – 

Our daughter Lucy picked this name as mango is her favourite! From the earliest age she has had a love affair with all things mango, especially covering herself from head to foot in mango nectar as she eats a whole one from start to finish.  We don’t recommend you try that at home but… just enjoy the sorbet.

Raspberry –

When talking raspberry sorbet we can’t help but think of “Raspberry Beret” by Prince.  A little bit soul and a little bit funk are the words that come to mine with this fresh raspberry taste.  And we think you’ll agree this is the stuff you “won’t find in a second hand store”.

Strawberry Guava –

We experimented with a bunch of strawberry combinations until we found the perfect mix with guava and really it should have been easy. We all want a little taste of the tropics in our lives, even a strawberry. And once experiencing such a tropical paradise you will always find yourself reaching for more. 


We are constantly changing and trying out new things at our market locations. We also try to roll with what is in the season to ensure that we have the freshest ingredients possible. Come on out and see what we have going on. And if there is a flavour you would like to see don’t be afraid to ask. We’re willing to try anything!