Dairy Free

Dairy free and rich in texture.

Dairy FRee are available in the following flavours in a retail 500ml pack size:

Coconut Cookies n’ Cream – 

A lot of people have been asking for Cookies N Cream, one of our most popular market flavours, to be in the 500ml lineup. And a lot of people have been asking for a dairy free gelato. We decided why not make all those people happy at once. Made with coconut milk instead of whole milk, we are pleased to offer our first dairy free gelato. Look for the Lucia “Green Label” for our full dairy free lineup.

Coffee Toffee – 

Sometimes a “dairy free” alternative leaves a little to be desired and sometimes it DOESN’T!  This oat milk based gelato DOESN’T make you wonder what’s missing. It makes you wonder how it went missing so fast! (hint: coffee and toffee help)

Chocolate Macaroon – 

For years we have made Chocolate Macaroon gelato. And for years we were never totally satisfied with the results. It was kind of like the “Cowbell’ skit on Saturday Night Live. We needed more cowbell, I mean coconut.  When we started making dairy free gelato it only made sense to make Chocolate Macaroon with coconut milk. And like Christopher Walken said, “you can never have too much cowbell”!  I mean coconut!